News prima lux – truancy

November 28th, 2015

Played at 15h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CET (Paris time) on Saturday November 28th, 2015

From our friends at this week’s mix comes from Truancy:

George Papagapitos better known as Truancy has joined us today on our Prima Lux series and he has delivered an utterly splendid mix. The upcoming producer from Minnesota has instilled a groovy house mix that will leave you pumped up for the weekend.


Urban Torque Transmissions – Leigh Morgan

November 28th, 2015

Played at 14h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CET (Paris time) on Saturday November 28th, 2015

Urban Torque® Transmissions
Compiled by Leigh Morgan
Artist \ Leigh Morgan
Show Date \ 26th November 2015
Format \ 62:08 Minute Mix

Track Listing \
1. Soul Of Hex – The Muth – Freerange Records
2. Lucatwana – Droids On Roids – Fancy Human
3. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie – Eglo
4. Nachtbracker – Aauw – Apparel Music
5. Dikkens – Big Knot – Intimate Friends
6. Dauw – Music Is Rising – Antidote Music
7. Soul Of Hex – Sly Batuque – Freerange Records
8. Lockwood – Sway – Dessous Recordings
9. Andre Wiken – Que Te Come Tiburon – Astro Nautico
10. Takuya Matsumoto – Be – Meda Fury
11. Leigh Morgan – Dilly of a Pickle – Fancy Human
12. Vid Vai – Just Don’t Feel The Same – Apparel Music

Freerange Records Radioshow No.176

November 14th, 2015

Played at 17h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 23h CET (Paris time) on Saturday November 14th, 2015

30 Minutes Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
Savile – Recipes From Nowhere
YSE – The Beautiful Dream [Apersonal Music]
Toby Tobias – Only Getting Better ft. Atwell [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Soul Of Hex – Intro (Il Aura En Trois Fils) [CVMR]
Clavis – Mirzozas Dream [Freerange]

30 Minutes Mixed by Clavis
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
Toby Tobias – Love Affair (I:Cube Remix)
Jimmy Edgar – Let Me Tell U
Clavis – Banza [Freerange]
Argy & MAMA – Who Am I (Rampa Remix)
The Legendary Lightness – Hey Ron (Frank Wiedermann Remix)