Aki Bergen & Richter –

July 31st, 2015

Played at 15h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CEST (Paris time) on Friday July 31st, 2015

Aki Bergen & Select Cuts

Simone and Gabri are long term friends who share the same musical passions, so perhaps it was inevitable that they would eventually join forces and launch a project together. Producing under the artist names of Aki Bergen and Richter, this all Italian duo’s strengths lay embedded in their abilities to complement and inspire each other.

Both artists have enjoyed exploring a wide variety of genres over the years and each stemmed their initial love of electronic music during the 90’s European techno movement. Since then, they have spent time fine tuning their producing, composing and DJ skills. Aki and Richter’s common attraction to anything with a deep groove or melodic sound, has provided them with a foundation in which to streamline and empower their new partnership with. As individuals, they have both accumulated many years of experience in the music industry and possess unique qualities that signify their sound and individual flavour. Some of the artists they have worked alongside include, Dubfire, Noir, Miguel Migs, D.O.N.S and Shara Nelson from Massive Attack and they receive support from heavy weights such as Marco Carola, Ame, Richie Hawtin and Dixon among others.

Aki and Richter’s momentum from here, is to forge a complete union of minds, one that will drive the duo to produce an entirely new sound and one that which draw upon both their individual assets. Both artists see this partnership as a culmination of their creative influences and a tribute to their matured passion for electronic music. Together they are driven and inspired to bring you their best sounds yet. The project aim is to reflect and convey aspects of themselves through their music, with the intent to imprint you with a lasting impression and a burning desire to hear more.

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1) Gesafellstein : Moden Times
2) Wayne Douglas : Experiment 1 (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
3) Aki Bergen & Richter feat. Spiritual Front : My Love won’t fade
4) Clarian : Lucid Dreamers
5) Aki Bergen & Richter : Mirage
6) DAVI : Eclipse
7) Aki Bergen & Richter : Distance
8) Metodi Hristov : More than Ever
9) Aki Bergen & Richter : The Fog
10) Jody Wisternoff : Nostalgia (Remix)


urban torque transmissions – leigh morgan

July 24th, 2015

Played at 14h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CEST (Paris time) on Friday July 24th, 2015

Urban Torque® Transmissions
Compiled by Leigh Morgan
Artist \ Leigh Morgan
Show Date \ 23rd July 2015
Format \ 63:00 Minute Mix

Track Listing \
1. Rauwkost – Electric Mistress – Raw Trax
2. Chocky – Lick It – Secret Reels
3. The Mekanism – Felicidad – Madhouse Records
4. Rough Principles – Pool Back – Holic Trax
5. Martin Iveson – Leave Me Here – Lazy Days
6. Rauwkost – Shuffle That Cat – Raw Trax
7. Leigh Morgan – Lobe Lube – Fancy Human
8. Your Only Friend – Hypnagogia – Loudeast Records
9. Leigh Morgan – Time To Chime – Fancy Human
10. Mark Ryal – Ebb and Flow – Colour and Pitch
11. 4004 & Cromie & Sebastien Vorhaus – The Add Dimension – Vicario Ltd
12. Seb Wildblood – Sondag – SW Recordings

Audioboxlive DJ Radio June’s Jams 2015 Mix

July 18th, 2015

June’s Jams – Sunny days & dark nights


1-The Revenge-Crush
2-Spirit Catcher-Superimposed
3-Ian Blevins-Where Are My Flapjacks?
4-Junior Gee-One for the Road
5-Luna City Express-Beatman
6-Cockney Lama-The Yoman
7-Demarzo-False Peak
8-And.Id-Inner Soul
9-Spirit Catcher & Raxon-Remember To Forget

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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