Audioboxlive August 2014 Mix – Matti Szabo

Track list

1-Playground Moods-Ejeca
2-Stellar Talk-Ben La Desh
3-Sei (Steve Bug Remix)-Sian
4-Let Love Begin (Gunjah Remix)-Nicone, Malonda
5-Narrow Road-Bambook
6-Plastic Population-Digitaria
7-Horobooka (DJ Mass Deep Balearica Mix)-Tuccillo
8-Collision (Vince Watson Remix)-Cera Alba
9-Pulse (Alberto Drago Remix)-Alexander Fog
11-Trommer Og Bass-Andre Bratten
12-You Got To-Groove Armada



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Audioboxlive DJ Radio


Live event at 10pm Montreal time Sunday September 29th, 2013

++ GUEST LIST ++ (jusqu’à minuit !/up to midnight!)

Pour la guest list avant minuit. Envoyez vos noms à
For Guest List before midnight send full names to

Franck B: (514) 808-7635

Facebook Event

Lofthanza has been the go-to destination for house music nights in Montreal the last few nights…Sunday night reserves a more undergorund vibe to room full of house-heads that enjoy their music deep and funky. This week I have the rare and special occasion to be behind the mixer and will share the decks with 86/87, a duo made up of Eric Sera and Danny Mendes, who’s selection of classic and funky tracks will take them from their loft party roots to a dancefloor proper.

Avec LOFTHANZA on parcourt les fuseaux horaires avec fluidité dans une ambiance électronique chaque fois renouvelée. Moment privilégié à bord de ce vol de nuit devenu régulier.
Cette semaine, à l’embarquement du LFTZ 373, vous serez pris en main par nos jeunes aiguilleurs du ciel, le promettur Matti Szabo (plus connu comme coordinateur son et image de nos soirées enflammées) et l’explosif duo 86/87. Leur but commun avéré: vous faire décoller sur un son essentiellement house, rond, chaud et syncopé. Plaisir pour les oreilles et votre déhanché dont vous auriez tort de vous priver.

LOFTHANZA // Dimanche 29 septembre



Pour la guestlist avant minuit. Envoyez vos noms avant 21h à:
Franck B: (514) 808-7635

Suivez nous !
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lofthanza?
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lofthanza

audioboxlive june 2013 mix – matti szabo

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1. Look Around You feat. Róisín Murphy (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) – Boris Dlugosch, Roisin Murphy
2. Sky In Your Eyes (Original Mix) – Betoko
3. Nothing In Particular feat. Kevin Bassett (Shades Of Gray Remix) – Dimitry Liss, Kevin Bassett
4. House Dance Conference (Pete Herbert Remix) – Ichisan
5. Bringing You Down (Original Mix) – Jonas Rathsman
6. Everything (Original Mix) – Maya Jane Coles, Karin Park
7. Drifting (Original Mix) – Supernova
8. Fly By (Original Mix) – Hitchcock
9. Tide Of Dreams (Ralph Lawson Gold Dust Mix) – Prophets Of Sound
10. The Power (Cevin’s Hard Power Mix) – Cevin Fisher
11. No Other Way (Original Mix) – Jacob Bech
12. Please Don’t Dance (Detroit Swindle’s Basement Dub) – Waze & Odyssey
13. Abstral (Original Mix) – Dosem
14. Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Ignas Remix) – 16B, Omid 16B
15. Why So Serious (Original Mix) – Daniel Dexter

There’s a revolution coming…

Desyn Masiello talks about Faciendo and shares their ethos on DJing and the state of the electronic music industry today

«Even if (as I myself did ) you went record shopping every day for the last 25 years, you would not have heard even 1% of what you can now by using technology to scan the history of dance music.
And this is why there is a revolution coming, not only are their a new wave of DJs who are using technology to help create their perfect vision, but many are working together as familys now too.. sharing and inspiring each other towards something previously unobtainable.. pushing the musical boundaries of what a DJ really is…»

Read more:


House music cds as a gift to help a family in need

A message from Montreal Dj Michael Terzian:

To all my friends who are deejays, I ask for a small percentage of your next gig; to all my friends who go out and party, I ask you to hold off on a few drinks….To all the people I have given out free mixes over the years and never ending free guest-lists, plz read the following.

My centennial double mix CD is entitled “EXPERIENCE”, which comes with full 6-page artwork in a plastic hard-shell slim double CD case. Yes, this is my 100th mix CD!!! However, unlike most of my other mix CD’s that i’ve willingly given out to you over the years, I will kindly ask you for a donation this time around. Let me explain why i’m doing this.

I am presently raising funds for my friend Garry and his wife Jen, who have been going through tumultuous times since August 2011. Let me start from the beginning, just to paint a better picture. Before I do, let me add that all of the artwork that I will be using for this milestone double-CD will be provided by Garry himself, as he is a fantastic photographer (GNU Photography.com).

I met my friend Garry Meus while growing up in St-Laurent, a suburb in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We met on a baseball diamond as young boys, playing for our local baseball league. Through the years, we excelled at baseball, and at age 16 we even went to Sarasota, Florida together, with our baseball team, for a week of unforgettable memories. A bond of friendship and mutual respect solidified, along with our two other close buddies, Gerald and Chris.

Many years later, after we had all stopped playing baseball, and after we all graduated, Garry decided to make the United States his home (for work purposes), eventually ending up in the Maryland/DC area. This is where he met a vibrant & lovely Occupational Therapist by the name of Jennifer. Their bond then grew steadily over time. Eventually Garry proposed and the couple got married in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on October 27th, 2007. Yes, today is their 5-year wedding anniversary!

Then, in March 2011, at the age of 32, the lovely Jen gave birth to twin boys, Eric & Kevin. The couple was obviously ecstatic, and so were their family and friends. However, just a few months later, on August 3rd 2011, their joy was suddenly eclipsed by uncertainty, fear, anger, & sadness, when Jen was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer and then, a week later, metastatic/stage 4 cancer to bone & liver. By August 25th, she began chemotherapy. Within a span of a few short months, their lives turned upside down.

On a personal level, Jen notified me of her situation on August 29, 2011, via Facebook chat, mentioning the following: “Garry and I have been so busy. Been trying to message folks but never enough or a “good time” to do so. I wanted to share with you some news that SUCKS! Simply put. . . I’m sure you’ll agree. Sorry, it’s so lame that it is via FB “chat”. I was diagnosed with b/l breast CA 8/3, found out mets to bone & liver by 8/12 after PET/CAT, and started chemo 8/25-last thursday. Crazy huh! 32 years old with “no” risk factors. . . Life is so weird sometimes! Not much to say. I’m sure it’s sort of shocking on your end, it was for us. . . starting to get beyond depersonalizing it though. Now a bit sad, angry, etc. Normal but it sucks.”

When I responded to Jen that she had only 2 choices at this juncture: to give up or to fight; she responded: “my choice is totally to fight it”.

With two brand new bouncing baby boys, Garry & Jen now suddenly found themselves juggling a myriad of emotions and feelings, a very daunting endeavour, considering that in addition to the cost of raising not one, but two babies (ie: daycare costs for two), they now also had to absorb a heavy financial burden by facing a plethora of new and unexpected expenses and simply not enough income. Jen eventually had to stop working as an Occupational Therapist, for obvious reasons, hence Garry was and still is the sole financial provider.

Today, in October 2012, Jen is still fighting the good fight, although the cancer has now spread to her entire skeletal system from head to toe, as well as to her liver and her lungs. Her ovaries had to be removed because of the cancer as well. She presently complains of severe muscular pain in her back and her neck, and other side effects, due to weakness and complications secondary to the radiation. As previously mentioned, she has stopped working as an Occupational Therapist altogether, although she wishes to go back one day soon.

If you are reading this, and if you have the means to help this dear couple out financially, I ask you kindly to donate. In return for a minimum $15 donation, I will not only give you a copy of this double mix-CD (my 100th mix!), but if you donate early enough, I will also add your name to the liner notes in the CD artwork, which I am presently working on. Of course, if you are financially comfortable, I ask you to dig deeper only if you can! Every dollar will help this family tremendously!

Rest assured that 100% of your donation will be given to Jen & Garry. Essentially, all funds that I raise will be amassed, and sent to Jen & Garry in the form of a lump sum cheque. I will also send them a full list of names of those individuals who donated. Jen will subsequently update her blog by mentioning you all.

Plz contact me for how to make the donation. Most people in Canada are sending me online Interac bank transfers (very easy). Just specify my email address in the bank transfer (michaelterzian@gmail.com). Our American friends are sending me either well-concealed cash in the mail or cheque or money order. Paypal, which I don’t prefer, is your last ditch choice (contact me for my alternate email for Paypal). You decide.

More info @ http://jenmeusjourney.wordpress.com/
Michael Terzian can be contacted directly via e-mail at the following address: michaelterzian@gmail.com

we like this – Tascam iM2 for your iPhone

Check out the full post here but this seems like the solution to get clear sound for those concert and club videos.

Tascam iM2


November line up for Thursdays @ touchscreen restaurant iBurger have been posted…pass by for some futuristic fun…they promise you will eat and listen differently!

::::::Every Thursday Night Audioboxlive.com is Live From IBurger::::::

3NOV: MATTI SZABO (Birthday party!!!)