Green & LaTeez + EZLV /// Live @ Salon Daomé

August 4th, 2012

Live Event at 10pm EDT (Montreal time) on Saturday August 4th, 2012

Tonight for their monthly LaPalma, the residents Green & LaTeez welcome Montreal duo EZLV to share the decks with them at Daomé. EZLV just got back from a European tour where they also had a chance to play the Piknic Électronik event in Barcelona. EZLV’s deep house productions have tuned heads and notably landed the #4 spot on Hernan Cattaneo’s monthly charts a little over a year ago. Check’em out on Beatport right here. Beatport EZLV Page

Samedi le 4 août, nous sommes fière de vous présenter à notre soirée LA PALMA, le tandem EZLV. Un duo deep house montréalais qui ne laisse personne indifférent. Le duo revient d’un séjour en Europe où ils ont pu faire découvrir leur son. Ils ont d’ailleurs eu la chance de jouer au Piknic Électronik à Barcelone.

Pour ceux qui ne les connaissent pas, je crois que c’est le temps pour vous de les découvrir. C’est pas compliqué, il n’y a qu’une place à être le samedi 4 août et c’est au Salon Daomé.

de EZLV:

Ezekiel and Louis Vee, aka ‘Ezlv’ met in prison back in 1982. Ezekiel was sent to jail because he molested Michael Jackson’s monkey ‘Bubble’. Louis Vee was caught wearing Ms. Thatcher’s wedding dress. They instantly decided to form a duo.

Louis Vee learned the musical complexity the hard way; he was playing with toothbrushes and Tupperware while taking a bath at the age of 4 years old. Ezekiel started playing with synths and drum machine when he sold his computer company in 1978 to a guy name ‘Bill Gates’. Thus, they added Louis Vee’s skills and Ezekiel’s intuition to release top notch music today.

Ezlv’s music has been played in two famous places; in OJ Simpson’s Bronco or in Ezekiel’s walkman (numerous times). They are supported by Louis’s mom and colonel Sanders’s private pilot.

Famous quotes concerning ‘Ezlv’
“Taylor, imma let you finish, but Ezlv is the greatest duo of ALL TIME”
– Kanye West

“Who the fuck are Ezlv?”
– Ozzy Osbourne

“Ezekiel, you are NOT the father”

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are Ezlv crazy?”

“Tear down this wall, Mr. Louis Vee”
-Ronald Reagan