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Desyn Masiello @ Joverse Montreal

September 12th, 2013

A big visitor in Montreal this week…Are you ready for some machine funk? via Desyn Masiello:

“Desyn is playing a 5hr extended set – FRIDAY 13th in MONTREAL. FREE PARTY – 5k soundsystem in the RED ROOM @ Joverse. 10pm – 3am.

Music: minimal, meditative machine funk from vinyl and cds.. a tapestry of hidden gems and mind bending grooves from the past 20 years.. enter the DARK SIDE on FRIDAY the 13th”


faciendo radio episode 049

May 31st, 2013

Played at 13:15h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21:15h CEST (Paris time) on Friday May 31st, 2013

The Faciendo crew with their latest mix #nowplaying on the stream.

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Faciendo Radio Episode 045

April 10th, 2013

Played at 15h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CEST (Paris time) on Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Desyn Masiello and the Faciendo Crew on this week’s episode with the mysterious question mark in the title…if you’re in Toronto Saturday night be sure to check him out:

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There’s a revolution coming…

Desyn Masiello talks about Faciendo and shares their ethos on DJing and the state of the electronic music industry today

«Even if (as I myself did ) you went record shopping every day for the last 25 years, you would not have heard even 1% of what you can now by using technology to scan the history of dance music.
And this is why there is a revolution coming, not only are their a new wave of DJs who are using technology to help create their perfect vision, but many are working together as familys now too.. sharing and inspiring each other towards something previously unobtainable.. pushing the musical boundaries of what a DJ really is…»

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Faciendo Radio – Episode 037

December 17th, 2012

Played at 15h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CET (Paris time) on Monday December 17th, 2012

This week’s show is the joint musical finds of seven of the tribe:


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Faciendo Radio 036 – Live in Sydney 2012

November 30th, 2012

Played at 14h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CEST (Paris time) on Friday November 30th, 2012

The second part of the Faciendo Soundsystem’s maiden voyage to Australian shores.

Extended hour and forty minute mix : Part 2 of the Faciendo Soundsystem gig for the Deeper Sounds crew in Sydney….


Faciendo Radio Episode 034 – Livio B2B Desyn

November 2nd, 2012

Played at 14:30h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 20:30h CEST (Paris time) on Friday November 2nd, 2012

Livio (Premiesku / Livio & Roby) back2back w. Faciendo resident Desyn live from Ship of Fools WMC march 2012. Recorded in the mid-day sun on the miami waters, a mix of minimal, vinyls, classics, re-edits and summer vibes.

SATURDAY 17th OF NOVEMBER, NOMAD, LONDON: Faciendo Soundsystem (7 hour set) Desyn Masiello, Rowan Blades, Tom Morgan, balErik
Tickets + info:




faciendo radio – episode 030 – balErik

September 7th, 2012

Played at 17:30h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 23:30h CEST (Paris time) on Friday September 7th, 2012

This week’s Faciendo mix is from their Norwegian resident balErik. Enjoy it on your Friday evening and listen again at the link below.

Soundcloud: balErik

Faciendo Page


FACIENDO PARTY EXPERIENCE comes to LONDON (Sept 15th).. check it out….