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Prima Lux: Blake Sutherland

February 19th, 2016

Played at 15h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CET (Paris time) on Friday February 19th, 2016

For over 15 years, Canadian DJ and producer Blake Sutherland has been crafting his style by thoroughly immersing himself in dance music culture.

As a DJ, Blake has performed in venues around the world. His unique blend of energetic melodic dance music has landed him shows in Canada, the United States, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. Each month you can hear Blake Sutherland in the mix on Cityscape Sessions, a popular dance music show that Blake founded in 2008. Cityscape Sessions features ground-breaking mixes from Blake and international guest artists such as Oliver Lieb, Ryan Davis, Solee, Fairmont, and many more.

As a producer, Blake Sutherland has a limited but colourful repertoire of rich, melodic music that has gained support from 16 Bit Lolitas and Nick Muir, among others. You can find his work on Canadian imprint Agara Music as well as the label he founded in 2007, Wide Angle Recordings. Under Blake’s management, Wide Angle Recordings has become an international source of innovative dance music. The label has helped shape the landscape of melodic dance music with releases from Max Cooper, Afrojack, Mattheis, Pole Folder, and Gab Rhome, and support from Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Armin Van Buuren and Hernan Cattaneo.

Whether it’s as a DJ, producer, radio show host or label manager, Blake Sutherland has his finger on the pulse of dance music. The result is a truly unique sound that can be heard in every set he plays and track he produces. This year Blake will be releasing new music on Wide Angle Recordings and as always, you catch him alongside world-renowned guest artists on the Cityscape Sessions radio show.


Urban Torque Transmissions – Leigh Morgan

February 6th, 2016

Played at 14h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CET (Paris time) on Saturday February 6th, 2016

Urban Torque® Transmissions
Compiled by Leigh Morgan
Artist \ Leigh Morgan
Show Date \ 4th February 2016
Format \ 61:55 Minute Mix

Track Listing \
1. Angelo Mele, Leano – Truhmturge – Frole Records
2. Sixteen Souls – Late Night Jam – Glasgow Underground
3. Leigh Morgan – Searching for Steve – Unsigned
4. Cazuma & Andreas – Devotion – Atjazz Record Company
5. Dub Striker – Apple Juice – Dawpers
6. UN-DEUX – Paramour – Ondulé Recordings
7. DJ Bee – Revelation – Adaption Music
8. Andreas Natale – Who’s That Man (Echonomist Falling Remix) – Apparel Music
9. N’dinga Gaba – Neuroplastic – Better On Foot
10. Sek – Y’all Like This – Apparel Music
11. Michael Ashe – I Don’t Know (Charles Webster Dub) – Deeper Shades Recordings


Prima Lux: Moliner

January 22nd, 2016

Played at 15h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CEST (Paris time) on Friday January 22nd, 2016

Spanish producer Moliner is welcomed into the latest Prima Lux sessions and has mixed up a gorgeous hour long mix for our readers. Before we get to the mix here’s a little bit of background behind Moliner, who is currently based in Berlin.

We’ve to go back to middle 90’s where this talented guy started developing his passion for electronic music, influenced by the underground and falling for artists like Mike Oldfield or Depeche Mode. Since his early productions as a teen, he has been developing a unique deep, house-based sound, with a distinct melodic touch. Releasing tracks in labels such as Prompt’s label 7 Senses or Swiss-based imprint Gimmick Records. In 2012 together with his production mate Georgeous they create Depaart label under the motto “What matters is not where you’re at or were you’re from but what music you can create”, to contribute to the deep house scenario with a new point of view.””


Urban Torque Transmissions – Leigh Morgan

December 26th, 2015

Played at 14h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CET (Paris time) on Saturday December 26th, 2015

Urban Torque® Transmissions
Compiled by Leigh Morgan
Artist \ Leigh Morgan
Show Date \ 24th December 2015
Format \ 62:27 Minute Mix

Track Listing \
1. Fouk – Orchard – House Of Disco
2. Tee Mango – Talk To Her – Millionhands Black
3. Kapote – Fuck Music (Session Victim Remix) – Toy Tonics
4. Soul of Hex – The Muth (Henry Wu Remix) – Freerange Records
5. Frits Wentink – Bouquet At Rest – Bobby Donny
6. Chaos In The CBD – Midnight In Peckham – Rhythm Section International
7. Frits Wentink – Etna Deline – Bobby Donny
8. Takuya Matsumoto – Seasons – Fina Records
9. Leigh Morgan – Rib Voyage – Fancy Human
10. Moomin – Aquarama – Smallville Records
11. CTEPEO 57 – Kackwursthouse – Voyage Recordings
12. Leigh Morgan – Sandy Peanuts – Fancy Human


Freerange Radioshow 178 – December 2015

December 20th, 2015

Played at 15h EST (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CET (Paris time) on Sunday December 20th, 2015

Freerange Radioshow 178 – December 2015 – 1 Hour presented by Jimpster

Laurence Guy – Strings Attached – Outplay
LK – Jaded Rhythm – Shall Not Fade
Regelbau – Love Hotel – Regelbau02
Kolja Gerstenberg – Sand (Move D Remix) – Smile For A While
Soul Of Hex – The Muth (Henry Wu Remix) – Freerange
Mad Rey – My Sexy Warrior (Dub Mix) – D.KO
Myles Sergé Featuring Will Brock – Can’t Shake This Feeling – MS
Damon Bell – Life Awaits You – Burek
Eltron John – B&S – TRNS007
Phil Stroud – Yemaja (ft. Jack Doepel) – Good Company Records


Audioboxlive “Where Did Summer Go?” September 2015 Mix – Matti Szabo

September 30th, 2015

Where did the summer go? I hope you enjoyed it!

It’s already September…wow…

1-Inner Worlds-Chymera
2-Revolver (Jay Shepheard Mix)-Kevin Griffiths
3-Day One-Outboxx
4-Polluting Beings-Bruxxas
5-All About You-DJ W!ld
6-Alright (We’ll Be)-Detroit Swindle
7-Moonlight Carnival-Hugo Massien
8-Transitions feat. Forrest (System2 Remix)-Danny Serrano, Forrest
9-Love Won’t Wait (Alex Dimou Dub Mix)-John Monkman
10-Storms Ahead (Oskar Offermann Remix)-Manuel Fischer
11-A Dub-Kyle Watson
12-Trivia-Marcus Worgull, Peter Pardeike
13-Beside-Bastian Bux
14-What You Need-Adam Beyer
15-Dimly Lit (Deepfunk Remix)-Flowers And Sea Creatures, Wrong Jeremy, Augustine Wrong



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urban torque transmissions

September 18th, 2015

Played at 14h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 20h CEST (Paris time) on Friday September 18th, 2015

Urban Torque® Transmissions
Compiled by Leigh Morgan
Artist \ Leigh Morgan
Show Date \ 18th September 2015
Format \ 60:04 Minute Mix

Track Listing \
1. Kito Jampere – Gas Station (OOFT! Remix) – Fata Morgana
2. Ivaylo – Forgotten (Dalminjo Remix) – Bogota Records
3. Chaos in the CBD – Midnight In Peckham – Rhythm Section International
4. Harvey Sutherland – Oscillate – Voyage Recordings
5. m.ono – Perle – Heist Records
6. Laurence Guy & Harry Wolfman – The Schrew – Deep Love
7. The Organ Grinder – Too Digi – Fina White
8. JP Soul – You Want Her – Roam Recordings
9. Kito Jampere – Typewriter (Ptaki Remix) – Fata Morgana
10. Harvey Sutherland – Old Wars – Voyage Recordings
11. CTEPEO 57 – Kackwursthouse – Voyage Recordings


whenwedip.com – select cuts Overtracked

September 11th, 2015

Played at 15h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21h CEST (Paris time) on Friday September 11th, 2015

When We Dip’s partnership with audioboxlive gives us a new mix every week from their Select Cuts Series. Listen to Overtracked’s mix here first before it gets posted on their page.


Overtracked is an upcoming DJ/Producer from Rotterdam with an ear for producing some top quality house tracks, his music will leave you gasping for more. He has released tracks on labels such as Armada Deep, Chief Recordings and Big Boss Records to name just a few. Having recently collaborated with Benjamin Scott for the release of “Turn Up The Bass”, a track that is sure to be a dancefloor filler. Overtracked has a unique style and is known for his deep bass and he is certainly someone to keep an eye on.