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MUUI – Paranoid Dancer Podcast 12

August 13th, 2014

Played at 15:30h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 21:30h CEST (Paris time) on Wednesday August 13th, 2014

A new monthly show makes its first appearance on audioboxlive.com today – Paranoid Dancer is MUUI’s podcast and if his productions are any clue to the quality of his sound, we are really looking forward to these monthly sessions.

Paranoid Dancer is also a digital and limited vinyl record label based in Berlin, curated by MUUI. A collective of art & sounds embodying dynamic & emotional techno; concepts of the darker industrial moods through to the deeper melancholic tones.

The label’s focus is on releasing music without hype, just a great deal of depth, what each release embodies will speak loud and clear to the profound minds, this is the vision of MUUI, the Berlin based artist who has a definitive and concentrated passion that lies deep within the label ensuring each release offers up something both unique and highly personal.

With our eyes always searching for the answers. Music holds no questions nor no answers as it traces through the alley of our veins, leading to a steady continuous heart beat. Finding balance. Souls connecting between light and darkness. Our inner spirit speaks. Sending shivers down our spine. The sunshine of day. The cold air in the middle of the nigh. A grainy image of yesterday leaves only the full spectrum of today to be fully admired. Paranoid Dancer. Music made for those moments between yourfirstkiss and yourlastdancer.

Marko Furstenberg – BBT – Artless
Trus’me – It’s Slow (Truncate Raw Mix 1) – Prime Numbers
Traumer – Swish – Desolat
Maan – L1 (Rod Remix) – Non Series
Maan – Jackin Pt 2. – Non Series
Iori – Inject – Field Records
Marc Faenger – Moanee – Minus
Moniker – Who Knows – Arts
Roberto Clementi – Barrell – Echocord Colour
Paul Ritch – Inside Me – Drumcode
North Lake – Tejxia – Markus Suckut Remix) – Sweatshop
MUUI – Sunstain – White
Coefficient – Point of Departure – M_REC ltd
Sawlin – Niedertracht – Ann Aimee
MUUI – Chase – Paranoid Dancer
Trus’me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatick) – Prime Numbers
Spherical Coordinates – SCFGM08 – Token
Trus’me – It’s Slow (Truncate Raw Mix 1) – Prime Numbers
MUUI – Clse – Paranoid Dancer
Tobias. – He Said (Blue Hour Remix) – Ostgut Ton

Paranoid Dancer