Kartel Kast #31 – ROUX Soundsystem

October 11th, 2013

Played at 16h EDT (Montreal & NYC time) & 22h CEST (Paris time) on Friday October 11th, 2013

The Kartel Kast podcast series brings us a familiar dj duo to the airwaves here at audioboxlive – Montreal’s own ROUX Soundsystem with Episode #31 – a very hip hop influenced mix giving this session the feel of a dirty south mix tape….except in electronic format.

ROUX Soundsystem is formed of redbeards Clifford Brown and Marinelli, whose common love for house tech and good company naturally brought them together. This dynamic tag-team is not to be missed at Salon Daomés Motion monthly.

Over the past year they have played at all of Montreal illegal afterparties, consumed an extraordinary amount of vodka/guru, and inspired thousands of people to dance all without much sleep! These incorrigible guys from back East weave ethnic influences into their tech and are crusading to make groove their legal family name.